Voice lessons are available for all levels, from the complete novice to the serious professionally-minded or avocational singer as well as the professional voice user (teachers, clergy and lay leadership of faith-based communities, storytellers, etc). If you are unsure of your path of study, consider gathering a small group of friends together and exploring your voices together! 

All students will be guided towards an understanding of reading music as well as ear training, and technical exercises appropriate for individual needs will be assigned each week. Singing is an athletic endeavor, and technical work can be seen like strength training at the gym: supportive of one's primary athletic goals.

Private Voice Lessons

 Collegiate-minded students will be encouraged to focus on a fairly traditional path of basic technical study along with a strong core of folk, classical and musical theater repertoire in a variety of foreign languages. Work on music theory, ear training and sight-singing will also be included.

 Students coming to voice study from other perspectives will be encouraged to bring in repertoire that will be at the core of your work; for example, singers and professional voice users in a faith-based community should bring in your hymnal(s) or provide a core list of songs from CCLI for us to explore along with our basic vocal technique studies and sermon or lesson delivery.

 Students under the age of 13 are encouraged to take group lessons or sing in a children's choir, but private study will be considered on a case-by-case basis with a focus on functional voice use and child-appropriate repertoire.

Group Voice 

 Available for groups of 2 - 3 or 4 - 8 students in semester-length study, or for special 6-week length projects such as: 

 * learning hymns and sacred songs specific to a given season of the liturgical year 

 * gathering a group of friends and family to work on Christmas carols for a caroling party 

*storytelling for both faith communities and secular events

 * contact me with your own ideas! 

NYSSMA/All-County/Audition Bootcamp

 A bootcamp is a concentrated 6-week course of study consisting of 6 one-hour lessons, and is only available for students with prior music study or by the recommendation of one's school choral director, as true development comes with consistent daily work and a weekly outside set of ears. Intense focus will be on understanding all details of the repertoire, and for musical theater auditions in particular, it is expected that the student will be doing a detailed study of the show(s) for which they are auditioning.